On the Table Gaming: Episode 37 – Rampant Speculation

Join Chase and Josh from On the Table Gaming as we speculate about release dates and new faction abilities for the A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game.

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3 thoughts on “On the Table Gaming: Episode 37 – Rampant Speculation

  1. Is there a code for the Discord channel, or do you rewuire special access? The link provided just opens the app.

  2. Lol yea that would be my Adepticon list. 2nd list was just to face Free Folk and/ or for Clash of Kings.

    Berserker (7)
    Berserker (7)
    Berserker (7)
    Great Axes (7)
    Great Axes (7)
    Howland NCU (C)
    Catelyn NCU (4)
    Total- 39pts

    No attachments to avoid giving out 2VPs for Clash of Kings.

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